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Imagine converting twice as many visitors into paying customers. We’ll show you the high friction points and how to remove them.

I'll show you how to transform your shitty landing page into a selling machine

Stop burning ad money on a page that doesn’t convert. You may have a killer product but what’s the point if you can’t communicate it clearly?

Get ideas to make your
onboarding buttery smooth

Make your SaaS deliver ‘aha moments’ faster.
Everyone hates your terrible popup tour, learn how you can onboard people like Michelin restaraunt

Reduce time to Aha

The faster your realise your product's value, the more likely they'll stay.

Increase Trial to Paid Conversions

Get specific feedback that will turn your visitors to take out their credit card.

Get more ROI on Ads

Feel more confident in running ads to a page that you know for sure will convert.

Let me show you how to build a world class cancellation flow

Turn your cancellation flow into a growth lever and reduce cancellations by atleast 30%. I’ll help you learn reasons why people are leaving and solutions to fix them.

Specific feedback on how you can keep them coming back

Getting new customers is expensive. I’ll show you how you can increase your retention and LTV and give Nikita Bier a hard on. 


Conversion Focused
Actionable Advice

Order a roast

Choose a package that fits you and finish your payment.

Give us context

Send us details of the areas you'd like us to roast. Figma files are OK too!

Get golden advice

That's it sit back and relax when we cook up valuable UX feedback for your product

I've helped 130 SaaS companies to grow their revenue

Hey this is Yash. 

The guy you’re considering to hire for roasting your product. But let’s face it, you’re probably thinking “what does this guy know about my industry? and “designers always just recommend some bullshit gradient change that looks cute but doesn’t affect any numbers”.

That’s where I come in and I’d like to tell you I’m not a real designer. I never went to any design school or took any courses. I learned all my skills on the job and by getting shit done in real life.

While I can craft beautiful products, the real adrenaline rush I get is solving real hard problems and seeing the numbers turn from red to green. If that sounds like we might be a decent fit, I’d love to help you.

See you on the other side.


Don’t take my word,
hear what my clients have to say

Uncovered Insights We Never Thought Of

After the UX audit, our SaaS platform saw a 35% increase in user engagement. The team pinpointed issues we hadn’t noticed and provided actionable steps to improve our interface. Their expertise is unmatched

John D., CTO of InnovateTech

Transformative Results in Just Days

Our conversion rates skyrocketed by 25% after implementing the suggestions from the UX audit. The detailed analysis and practical recommendations were game-changers for our SaaS application.

David S. Founder & CEO of BroomLabs

I'm super impressed

The UX audit revealed critical flaws in our user journey that we overlooked. Their thorough examination and clear guidance helped us enhance our user experience significantly. Highly recommend their services

Mike R., CEO of DataFlow Solutions

A Must-Have for SaaS Apps

The audit provided invaluable insights into our UX issues and offered clear solutions. We’ve seen a marked improvement in user satisfaction and retention since making the recommended changes. Worth every penny

Alex M., Founder & CEO of SoftWave

Proactive and Professional

The UX auditing team was incredibly professional and proactive. Their comprehensive report identified key areas for improvement that led to a more intuitive user experience. Our customers have noticed the difference

Lisa K. Head of Product at SyncWare


Order A Roast

I believe in dating before we get married so I’d love for you to get a free report and later when you’re ready you can get our paid reports

Quick Win

Let us roast one small cross section of your landing page or product for absolutely no charge


One Flow

This can be your landing page, onboarding or any other single end to end flow



We’ll leave no screen unturned, our most complete package that covers everything. 


No Questions Asked Refund Policy

If you’re unhappy with the roast for any reason, we’ll refund you without asking any questions

Rock Solid Confidentiality

All our roasts remain private and are only shared with you and your team. Never published or shared with anyone. 


Yes you can send me a Figma file or your screens in any other format. As long as it’s a link I’ll roast it.

You’ll receive your roast privately in a link only accessible by you and your team. Never shared with anyone.  

Yes, that’s the whole point of the Roast, if you don’t see any increase in conversions, I’ll refund you. 

If you are unhappy with your roast for any reasons. I have a 60 day no questions asked refund policy. I don’t want your money if you aren’t happy with the roast.

Absolutely, I believe in dating before getting married, so I’d be happy to roast a small cross section of your website or product and give you a quick win 

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